Monday, November 23, 2009

Smiling at Zachary's Smile

Wandered into a gem of a store last night on my way through NoHo, Zachary's Smile. This store is probably well known. As a non-native New Yorker, I am guessing that I am writing about something that has been covered before but . . . it gave me that buzz, the shopping buzz, the clothes buzz, the shoe buzz, the buzz where you suddenly rationalize to yourself that you need a complete new wardrobe and that this store has every look you want. I stumbled across this cozy, vintage abode because I dragged myself to Inven.tory for a sample sale only to find that they were turning people away with a pathetic, say it like-you-mean-it "I'm sorry, we're closed."

I wanted to get a vintage dress to wear for an art opening and stumbled across about ten that I coveted so badly that I spent ten minutes (they must have thought I was so weird) in the dressing room going back and forth in my head about what to get, how much my total would be, which piece could I live without, etc. I decided on none of the dresses and got a vintage romper instead, along with a navy blue and white striped loose fitting tee in a L so I can wear it with leggings and the softest big black sweater (never go without one). I want a boyfriend blazer from here . . . like, now. I'm going to go back and get a pair of gold chandelier earrings, for how much you say? Yup, $30.

If you want vintage boots for a reasonable price, go here. Or go to Brooklyn, your choice.

I want a grey pair that go over the knees like these from Intermix, I'm thinking about them. Are grey boots wearable?

Actually, I think I don't like the over-the-knee boot thing. It reminds me of Jessica Simpson, and no, I am not just saying that because it's cool to diss her right now. Please.


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