Monday, November 23, 2009

Dragons, Spaghetti, and Cigs, Oh My

Yesterday I went to my friend Ira's house to work on our group project for Exhibition Design "Breathing Fire: The History of Dragons in Art." After three hours, one cup of tea, one large coffee, a million hits of the keyboard, and some discussion regarding the differences between Eastern and Western dragons, we all decided we had had enough. Ira and I went to the balcony to have a cig and started discussing getting fat in Italy and the joys of traveling abroad. Ira related to me how his balcony reminded him very much of Hitchcock's "Rear Window." I agreed.

Topics that came up in conversation: trying to find Chinese food in Rome; the London tube; a 6 yr-old tree that was growing out of a flower box on the balcony; the Venice Biennale; the joys of being an intern; contemporary photography; the death of Jeanne Claude; the possibility of a wife-killer living amongst the neighbors' enclave; ice sculptures of the Parthenon; paraffin in pastel colors; transience and deterioration and impermanence and identity.


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