Monday, November 23, 2009

Coats and Mary-Kate

I find it to be a consistent pleasure throughout the winter to put on a coat. I love getting bundled up and I like how it makes it acceptable to cover everything you want covered. I just ordered this coat online the other day from Urban Outfitters because of the way the collar hangs, and the back will be flattering (I hope) to my ever-expanding ass. Give me a black coat any day, or a tweed coat, never a green one, and come on people, enough with the puffers - we are not Eskimos.

Here are some others I looked at:

I am wearing my leopard (or someone asked - Cheetah?) print coat by GOLDE from last year right now, with a black, thick, ribbed cotton collar and a big, jazzy gold zipper up the front. I love it. More importantly, I feel like I carry a little of Mary-Kate's style with me when I wear it.

Next on the list for outerwear? Legwarmers and a furry vest. I'm thinking Duane Reade for the legwarmers (pick of black or cream) and Zara for the vest.



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