Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Post-It Notes

I love Post-It notes. They are efficient, accessible, and never come in ugly colors. I keep pads of them near my bed, computer, and in my handbag so I never have to go without writing something down quickly. The array on my wall right now read as so, in no particular order:

"I think, secretly, it's what every artist wants to do, just to sit and paint and smoke and think" - Ragnar Kjartansson (Iceland's rep @ the Venice Biennale)

"Eligible for upgrade w/o discount. NOW, pay full retail price. iPhone $150.00. DROID by Motorola, $599.00."


"Milton Resnick (1917 - 2004), Hydrogen, 1961, Oil on Canvas"

"Helen Frankenthaler, Springscape"

"Cecily Brown"

"Hurry Up and Choose by Mozella"

"The Dirty Projectors. Bishop Allen."


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