Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lily from Across the Pond

Though her music ain't that great, Lily is starting to work it girlfriend. I stumbled across the new Chanel Cocoon Handbag ads in like, oh, every magazine of late and I must say she hides her outspoken, cynical self well in black and white.

Let's not forget though that she did come up with the lyrics "So your daughter's depressed, well, get her straight on the Prozac, but little do you know she already takes crack." Whhaaaa?

Imagine that conversation between mother and daughter:

Mom (pointing her finger): Are you depressed?
Daughter (biting her fingernails): Yes.
Mom: You're going to start taking Prozac.
Daughter: But MOM! I already take crack.
Mom: Oh, I didn't know.
Daughter: Um, yeah . . .

Pause for reaction. I found it amusing.


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