Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bona Drag

I found out about Bona Drag from Daily Candy. I was perusing their glorious collection with a 60's vibe, I picked out the following must-haves:

I think only a certain kind of gal can pull off the lace pants, I saw similar ones in a Calypso window the other day.

As far as the earrings, well, Edie Sedgwick - my style icon - would have worn these most definitely. Sassafrass, a blog I've been reading lately, has a great post on Edie.

I can't pull off the whole jumpsuit thing, not tall enough, but this one is gorgeous even to look at just for the contrast between the tight top and loose bottom.

Love shoes. Love them. This funky yet sophisticated pair caught my eye.

Check out Bona Drag's blog.


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